Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Into the unknown...

It's possible no one will really read this blog anymore, since my class is over, but I think it would be fun to keep it going at least for a while.

So for today, here's a link to a great NPR blog entry about "How a thorough de-gazing saved CBS's The Big Bang Theory." In other words, how making their female lead into a three-dimensional character instead of an objectified cardboard cutout allowed the show to thrive. The writer, Linda Holmes, sums it up nicely in this way:
  • [The] changes in this particular show make for a great example of the fact that you don't just avoid empty, cliched versions of women (or men, and I am looking at you, Sex And The City) because they're offensive or infuriating or anything like that. The best creative reason to avoid them is that they make your show bad.
Hear, hear!

Next up: reviews of Zombieland and Sherlock Holmes. Big surprise: I loved them both :)

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  1. "De-gazing." Great word for what's happened to BBT the last season.

    'cause everyone loves Amy Farrah Fowler.