Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Adventures of Bagpipe Llama

Our in-class assignment today was to learn how to use iMovie. We were asked to bring in a few photos and little movie clips, with no particular content, just to play around with in iMovie. I had a nicely eclectic collection, including clips of my brother's dogs, my mom's bagpipe band, last night's pasta on the boil, etc.

Unfortunately, the classroom Mac I borrowed for the evening did not like the .mov files I had, and refused to import them into iMovie! My very nice neighbor was able to convert one of the clips to a different kind of .mov using his copy of Quicktime Pro, which made iMovie happy. I didn't want to impose on the neighbor by asking him to convert all of my clips, so I just stuck with the one.

The upshot is, I had about half an hour to create a little movie using one short video clip and a couple random photos that I'd thrown on the jump drive last night. I had been thinking that I would work on the movie much more at home, incorporating additional clips, dialogue/title cards, etc. etc., but our instructor said not to bother - we should just post whatever we'd finished in class.

So, knowing the context, I hope you enjoy the movie - I'm sure whatever narration or dialogue you imagine while watching will be at least as amusing as anything I would've come up with.

This one's dedicated to you, Sarah :)

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  1. This is beautiful, Mir. Fantastic cinematic llamatography. I encourage you to continue. Now, once more, with alpacas.